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We are a consulting firm that does people-first business transformation. When people thrive, so do the businesses that we work with. 

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A solution for leaders in Life Sciences start-ups.

Join our 16-week program designed by Life Sciences consultants to ensure your organization maximizes resources while maintaining compliance on its way to launch.

The key to success

Big sh*t: the strategic stuff that’s implemented to improve organizational performance, effectiveness, culture, etc. 

At least, that’s the goal. Right?

Yes and no. With years of business transformation consulting under our belt, One Team Partners (but you can call us One TEAM) knows the goal is to help people thrive along the journey to change. When you focus on helping people thrive, the outcome sorts itself out. 

That is: improved performance, lower turnover, increased profits and happy teams. All that juicy stuff that’ll help you sleep at night. 

Major change within a business is challenging; it unearths good and bad habits, which can often lead to restless nights and mounting frustrations. One TEAM exists to support senior leaders who believe their people hold the key to success.

Building high performance teams

Our approach is simple; we get to know your team members. We spend time understanding their strengths and what motivates them. Then, we foster an environment where they can be fully present in all of their responsibilities – where they feel comfortable being their whole selves. 

Without fail, this encourages people to invest in relationships, commit to continual learning, and be honest about their capabilities. 

With this employee culture, the results of our work – and of the BIG SH*T you brought us in to do – will last.

Prioritizing people makes business sense

The cost of replacing an employee is estimated at 150 – 200% of their annual salary. Using an $80K average salary, that’s a minimum cost of $120K per lost employee

If annual turnover is 25% (conservative compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2021 approximate), that’s $3M per year per 100 employees

People we’ve worked with say

I really appreciate the relationship I have built with One Team Partners over the past few years working together. Their approach is one that blends advisory with pragmatic solutions. One Team Partners listens carefully to our needs and challenges my team to think of different ways to implement a solution that both addresses near term needs while laying a foundation for long-term success.

Stacey Barnes

Sr. Director Information Technology, Nutcracker Therapeutics

Justifying full-time resources, on-boarding technically capable people, and rapidly moving projects forward are a constant challenge in the biotech management environment. One Team Partners is my go-to group for taking on challenging projects and programs that need to not only deliver results but also sustain results. 

I have been working with members of their leadership team for over 15 years and what sets them apart is how well they listen to our needs and provide the right solutions that work for us.

Adam Goldstein

Sr. Director R+D Collaborations, Thermo Fisher Scientific

One Team Partners successfully led four research projects as well as facilitated the structure of a newly formed research group.  All of this groundwork made the transition for our new Project Manager extremely smooth.  The level of organization and documentation was outstanding and accelerated the on-boarding for the replacement.  We would jump at the chance to utilize One Team in the future for similar activities.

Adam Perlman

Biotechnology Program Manager

Services we offer

LifeSciences Breakthrough Accelerator

A 16-week program for CEOs of life sciences start-ups that want to see their vision realized
LifeSciences Breakthrough Accelerator

Business transformation

Invest in results that will be sustained by your people.
Business transformation

Strategy realization

Action a strategy that is followed, sustained, and realizes the objective you’re truly looking for.
Strategy realiztion


Implement tech that will actually be used, and actually help.

Novel product introduction

Measure twice and cut once by working with experts that are disciplined, realistic and people-focused.
Novel product introduction

Corporate event management

Allow your team the opportunity to be present.
Corporate event management

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