Small Business Breakthrough Accelerator

Fast results for CEOs of start-ups that are running on empty

You have a vision and strategy for scaling that you believe will work. But something is not translating down the organization. 

  • Milestones are being missed
  • Cash burn is high
  • Frustration and stress is increasing
  • Your involvement feels necessary but isn’t helping

If this cycle resonates, you’re not alone. 90% of start-ups fail, and one of the most common reasons is running out of funding (CBInsights). We’ve worked with start-up CEOs just like you. This 16-week program will get you back on track.

Gain $500K to $1M annually without any loss of momentum

The #1 problem we see: start-ups don’t know how to scale.

They spend in anticipation of a milestone that - in reality - is much further away

They have “oh sh*t we just hit a roadblock” moments

Planning to scale costs more than anticipated

We estimate that you’ll benefit $500M to $1M annually through sales and marketing improvements, operational transformation, and proven methods for attracting and retaining talent

Find out how to grow your business from six-figures to a seven and eight-figure business!

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about running out of money…

It doesn’t have to be a dream. We can help you get to a place where: 

  • You’re less of a doer and more of a visionary
  • You aren’t involved in every decision
  • Time off is manageable for everyone… even you

We transform start-up companies in 3 phases

Roll over each box to learn more about what happens during the phase

Phase 1

Awareness precedes choice

Awareness precedes choice

You can't fix something you aren't aware of.

Together we will:

  • Identify a quick-win initiative
  • Reduce team friction
  • Stop momentum toward the wrong goals

Phase 2

Structure determines performance

Structure determines performance

Prioritization is the name of the game when reducing spend.

Together we will:

  • Facilitate strategic prioritization activities
  • Build out fit-for-purpose business processes
  • Begin quick-win execution

Phase 3

Habit builds success

Habit builds success

Nothing can be sustained without building habits.

Together we will:

  • Implement a scorecard to measure your success
  • Hold regular accountability check-ins
  • Reassess what isn’t working

In just 16 weeks your organization will:

Feel confident choosing priorities

Our prioritization matrix and workshop will:

  • Bring awareness to top priorities
  • Allow your team to focus on hitting the next milestone
  • Let you stop worrying about “what’s next?”

Save on costs with an effective operating plan

Receive a custom and pragmatic operating plan for areas like: 

  • Core operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project management

Know you have a scaling plan that works

Be prepared to hit the ground running when it’s ‘go time’ 

  • Custom 2-year adaptive scaling plan
  • 5-year roadmap created for you

Transform your communication for the better 

Why use an effective communication strategy?

  • Keep everyone on top of milestones and objectives
  • Only be notified when your attention is truly required

Collaborate stronger with team insights

One TEAM will host a curated workshop to:

  • Assess your team’s strengths and motivational value system
  • Understand how to use it to your advantage

We’re a Core Strengths official partner.

Who is One TEAM?

A consulting firm that believes – like you do – that success is driven by the effectiveness of the team and not just the individual. We work with teams to understand their core strengths, and then leverage them to accelerate progress and reduce friction.  

We aren’t successful unless you are successful

Client testimonials

I really appreciate the relationship I have built with One TEAM Partners over the past few years working together. Their approach is one that blends advisory with pragmatic solutions. One Team Partners listens carefully to our needs and challenges my team to think of different ways to implement a solution that both addresses near term needs while laying a foundation for long-term success.

Sr. Director Information Technology

Nutcracker Therapeutics

Justifying full-time resources, on-boarding technically capable people, and rapidly moving projects forward are a constant challenge in the biotech management environment. One TEAM Partners is my go-to group for taking on challenging projects and programs that need to not only deliver results but also sustain results. 

I have been working with members of their leadership team for over 15 years and what sets them apart is how well they listen to our needs and provide the right solutions that work for us.

Sr. Director R+D Collaborations

Thermo Fisher Scientific

One TEAM Partners successfully led four research projects as well as facilitated the structure of a newly formed research group.  All of this groundwork made the transition for our new Project Manager extremely smooth.  The level of organization and documentation was outstanding and accelerated the on-boarding for the replacement.  We would jump at the chance to utilize One Team in the future for similar activities.

Biotechnology Program Manager

If these phrases hit home, we want to work with you:

Disjointed strategy

  • Why aren’t we able to hit our critical milestones on time?
  • Is the team ready for the next step when we do hit those milestones?
  • Is my organization agile enough to scale rapidly when it needs to?

High cash burn rate

  • How can I spend more efficiently to manage the risk of delay? And if we are delayed, how do I reach the next milestone with what’s left?
  • Should I be spending on technology at this phase of the product life cycle?
  • How do I scale the company without spending too much too soon?

Not hitting goals and objectives

  • Can I trust my team to handle the really important things alone?
  • How can I even think about growing this business without the answer being “just work more”?
  • Layoffs suck. How do I avoid overhiring?

Overinvolved leadership

  • How do I get more out of my team? I think they have more to give.
  • I constantly have to jump in to save the day. I know I should back off, but how?
  • How do I show my team that I’m there for them without sacrificing my work/life balance?

Misaligned teams

  • How do I improve communication between teams so that I don’t have to mediate?
  • Can friction be reduced between certain departments? We are all supposed to have the same goals.
  • I want to encourage competent role players to take the risks necessary to lead the team.

Don’t wait to tackle these issues.

We can solve them now.

Catapult your organization to the next level in just 16 weeks.

We’ll show you how – book now.