The common problem

When life sciences start-ups underestimate the time to commercial scale up, they start spending too quickly in anticipation of a milestone that – in reality – is much further away. This wasted spend leads to an ‘oh sh*t’ moment — they’re running out of money! Now they need to re-fundraise, dilute value, and even lose good (expensive to re-hire) talent.

With One TEAM Partners, learn how to spend for where you’re at. 

This means a runway that actually gets you to your milestones, no unnecessary dilution, and no loss of good talent.

By working with us now, you will save $500K to $1M annually without any loss of momentum and without damaging your ability to scale when ready. Let’s explore how on your 28-minute discovery call.

Who is One TEAM?

We are a consulting firm that believes – like you do – that success is driven by the effectiveness of the team and not just the individual. We get in and work with teams, understand their core strengths, and then leverage them to accelerate progress and reduce friction. 

Complex regulations make life sciences start-ups’ problems unique. We get that. This program is designed to help you create an organization that’s agile enough to scale within regulatory boundaries. 

How we help

Phase 1: Awareness

You can’t fix something you aren’t aware of. We start by identifying the areas of friction within your team. Then, we pinpoint where targeted support will reduce them. In this phase we also identify a quick-win initiative to pilot in the next two phases.

Phase 2: Structure

Prioritization is the name of the game when reducing spend. We provide customized recommendations and tools to get you working on what’s really important. We’ll also start executing the quick win with you.

Phase 3: Habit

Nothing can be sustained without building habits. We’ll work with you to lock in new behaviors and build muscle memory for efficient execution and a friction-free organization.

Your commitment

This program will require 1 hour of 1:1 time per week, over 16 weeks. As the CEO, your development doesn’t stop at you. It ripples out across the organization and benefits everyone. That’s why we say these sessions are the most valuable part of the whole program. 

The other 80% of One TEAM’s time will be spent with your organization, equipping them with the  necessary capabilities to realize your vision.

What you’ll get

  • Confidence in your team, how it’s structured, and people’s ability to function at a high level.
  • A new sense of what gets you up in the morning, versus what was keeping you up at night.
  • More time to focus on strategy and less time in the weeds (bonus: an improved work/life balance).
  • Better discipline around your priorities and ‘single tasking’. 
  • Cohesion across departments and seniorities; everyone will be focused on realizing your vision and strategy.
  • A culture which encourages self-teaching, learning, and asking for candid feedback.
  • Empowered teams that make level-appropriate decisions and feel supported to perform at their best, knowing their boundaries.

Work-life balance can be a challenge, especially when you have a family. At One TEAM, we’re committed to helping you achieve success at work, in a way that also allows for success at home.

Is this really for you?

If you’re asking yourself any of the following questions, yes this is right for you. The good news is, we know how to tackle and overcome each and every one of them. 


  • Why aren’t we able to hit our critical milestones on time?
  • Is the team ready for the next step when we do hit those milestones?
  • Is my organization agile enough to scale rapidly when it needs to?


  • How can I spend more efficiently to manage the risk of delay? And if we are delayed, how do I reach the next milestone with what’s left?
  • Should I be spending on technology at this phase of the product life cycle?
  • Layoffs suck. How do I avoid overhiring? 


  • How do I get more out of my team? I think they have more to give.
  • I constantly have to jump in to save the day. I know I should back off, but how?
  • How do I show my team that I’m there for them without sacrificing my work/life balance?

Team alignment

  • How do I improve communication between teams so that I don’t have to mediate?
  • How do I align and reduce friction between certain departments? Don’t we all have the same goals?
  • How do I encourage competent role players to take the risks necessary to lead the team?


  • How do I scale the company without spending too much too soon?
  • Can I trust my team to handle the really important things alone?
  • How can I even think about growing this business without the answer being “just work more”?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Book a 28-minute discovery call today and receive 10% off the total cost of the program. Type TENOFF23 in the “What is the main reason” field when you book through the “Book a call” buttons.

What we leave you with


A prioritization matrix that brings awareness to top priorities, allowing your team to focus on hitting the next milestone without worrying about ‘what’s next?’.

Spending Plan

A phase-appropriate, compliant, and pragmatic spending plan for areas like supply chain, quality assurance, and project management.


A phase-appropriate, compliant, and pragmatic spending plan for areas like supply chain, quality assurance, and project management.

Scaling Plan

A custom 2-year adaptive scaling plan and 5-year roadmap, preparing you to hit the ground running when it’s “go time”.

Team Insights

A map of your team’s strengths and motivational value system. We’re a Core Strengths official partner.

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