Corporate Event Management and Workshop Facilitation

Lost in the office/home-working debate is the fact that sometimes there’s just no substitute for in-person interaction. Team building and strategy workshops are infinitely more productive when you’re not interrupted by dodgy WiFi, and when everyone can read each others’ body language.

If you’re keen to get your team out from behind the video calls; to build relationships, kick off a big initiative or facilitate alignment between teams, we’re here to help. Corporate event management and workshop facilitation can be a full time job, especially if you have to juggle a mix of post-pandemic working styles. Let us do the heavy lifting so your team can focus on reconnecting in person. 

Specializing in:

        • Travel booking, lodging organization, food and beverage procurement and execution 
        • Location scouting and contract management
        • Kick-off events
        • Team building activities  
        • Meeting content facilitation 
        • Event Branding and Communication
        • Event Giveaways

What to expect

Seamless delivery is a given. Your team is allowed the opportunity to be present in the event/workshop; to focus on contributing ideas and getting to know people rather than event logistics. But with One TEAM, you’ll also get:

      • Innovative ideas for how to get the most from the event/workshop
      • A team that uses a customized approach to uncover your desired outcomes for attendees – nothing cookie cutter here
      • A facilitator that fosters conversation rather than dictates outcomes 
      • Quality time with your team as the driving priority 
      • A well planned and communicated agenda that helps manage expectations

We also do…

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