Yes, it will! Focusing solely on results may provide short term wins, but to drive SUSTAINABLE returns, the scope of your attention must include your people. They, afterall, are the most important asset you have to deliver results. Their well being, as well as their satisfaction with their work environment, is critical to employee productivity and retention.

There is a clear shift in employee mindset across industry and it involves creating better balance between work life and non-work life.   Research has shown the top two reasons employees leave companies are Poor Management and Poor Company Culture. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021 there was approximately 54% employee turnover rate across private industry. Estimates of replacement costs are 150 – 200% of annual salary. Given an average $80K salary and a conservative estimate of 25% voluntary turnover, let’s do some quick math on the cost of losing these employees.

$80,000 x 150% = $120,000

$120,000 x 25 employees = $3,000,000 per year per 100 employees

Think about that.  It costs an astounding $3M per year per 100 employees, and that’s a conservative estimate. It can be much higher! You now have a choice. Do you want to sustain the costly status quo, or do you want to try something different?


By following this process as you take on large-scale initiatives, we are confident that you will improve productivity, achieve success, and foster an environment where you and your people thrive.


You cannot fix something until you are aware it’s broken. Likewise, you cannot leverage  strengths until you are aware they exist. To make transformational change, you must take the time to  become AWARE of gaps, strengths, and alternate paths to those you have always used in the past.  Before diving into action, becoming aware is the first, and probably most important step.

  • Build relationships and trust at and between all levels of the organization

  • Observe behaviors and determine needs and strengths 

  • Define  the “why” that drives the initiative and ensure this is clear to all stakeholders

  • Solicit and harmonize all stakeholder input to inform your planning


Once your team has clarity of purpose and alignment to a common goal, it’s time to create the STRUCTURE that will set your team up for success. Meaningful progress is made when you plan before you act.

  • Create a well defined set of objectives 

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop a realistic, informed, and detailed plan to meet the objectives  

  • Establish a clear and effective communication strategy

  • Identify and develop key change agents to drive organizational buy-in


Finally, with your objectives and plan in hand, you need to execute. Productive execution requires RITUAL – taking a consistent set and sequence of actions proven to deliver optimum results. Through RITUAL you will create business habits that promote consistent performance and greater AWARENESS of both strengths and deficiencies in need of attention (we told you it was a cycle). In creating this routine you are training yourself and your organization to commit to growth through  transformation.

  • Kick-off project and develop an efficient update cadence

  • Develop individual and team habits that inspire self-motivated and sustained success (DO NOT brute force work)

  • Drive decision making down to the lowest appropriate level in order to ensure competent ownership


Yep, we believe it is. There’s no secret sauce, just a desire to be better focused on the well-being of your team and a consistent commitment to change. If you want to do both of those things while getting Big Sh*t Done…