Our process

How we achieve sustainable results

Too often, change consultants achieve great results for their customers… While they’re there. But as soon as they’re not around to facilitate (or force) their improvements, things go straight back to how they were.  You might know this situation all too well.

One TEAM approaches business transformation differently; we’re only interested in sustainable results. The kind that will stick around long after we’ve gone. The only way to do this is by focusing on people – securing their buy-in and getting them excited to be part of the change. 

Our three pillars


You can’t leverage strengths or fix issues until you are aware they exist. This might seem obvious, but time after time we uncover so much about the businesses we’re working with, just by making space to learn about the people they employ.

This step exists to:

      • Build relationships and trust at and between all levels of the organization
      • Observe behaviors and determine needs and strengths 
      • Define the “why” that drives the initiative 
      • Ensure all stakeholders understand why an initiative is happening
      • Solicit and harmonize all stakeholder input to inform planning


Once trust, clarity and alignment is established, it’s time to add structure to the process. Proper planning saves time, money and – very importantly – energy. Nothing zaps morale like repeated false starts!

This step exists to:

      • Create a well defined set of objectives 
      • Facilitate collaboration so that nothing is missed
      • Establish a clear and effective communication strategy
      • Identify and develop key change agents to drive continual buy-in


With objectives and a structured plan in place, it’s time to execute. But to avoid one-and-done (those unsustainable results we spoke of earlier), execution needs to become habitual. We facilitate a routine that delivers optimum results and continual learning.

This step exists to:

      • Kick-off the project and develop an efficient cadence
      • Develop individual and team habits that inspire self-motivated success 
      • Empower people at every level to make (appropriate) decisions and take ownership 
      • Establish a feedback loop so that awareness is continual. We told you it’s a cycle!

Ready to get BIG sh*t done?

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