We tried to think of something pithy to put here but couldn’t think of anything . . . So here is the stuff we’re good at.


Defining a strategy is easy (despite what the high-priced strategy consultants will tell you). It’s implementing a strategy that’s hard. In our strategy realization approach we take the time to understand the ‘why’ that drove the strategy and connect that to the needs and capabilities of the organization.

  • Manufacturing and Technical Operations Strategy
  • Quality and Regulatory Operations Strategy
  • Supply Chain Operations Strategy
  • Adaptive Operational Scale-up
  • Acquisition Core Function Integration (e.g. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality, and Regulatory) 
  • Product Launch
  • Program Management


Lost in the debate on whether to return to office, maintain remote, or adopt a hybrid approach is that sometimes face-to-face interaction is necessary and there is no real substitute for it. Team building and strategy creation workshops really can’t be done remotely because there is nothing more maddening than trying to get into flow as a team when you’re constantly getting interrupted by technology glitches or can’t read body language. Nothing quite replicates the importance of face to face relationship and team building and during the last two years it has been difficult to get our teams together to meet in person safely and effectively.   If you want to kick off a new, big initiative, nothing works better for getting everyone engaged than getting everyone together in person to set the direction and get everyone excited.  Let’s be honest:  it can be  practically a full time job to manage logistics for these types of events. According to the American Express Meetings & Events Global Forecast, 88% of respondents expect meetings in 2022 will have an in-person component. No matter how large or small your event, hands on or off you want to be in the process and level of need from us, we would love to create a custom project for you and your team. Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

  • Travel booking, lodging organization, food and beverage procurement and execution 
  • Location scouting and contract management
  • Kick-off event
  • Team Building activities  
  • Meeting content facilitation 
  • Digital streaming 
  • COVID safety procedures 
  • Holiday Parties
  • Event Branding and Communication
  • Event Giveaways


Transformation doesn’t happen by doing the things the ways you have always done them. If you want to transform something, the first step is often determining what you are going to STOP doing, followed by what you are going to do MORE or LESS of, and, finally, what new things you are going to START doing. To lose weight, for example, you have to STOP eating donuts, eat MORE vegetables and START exercising. Transformation is uncomfortable, hard, and happens over time, not suddenly. We will partner with you every step of the way. At the end you will be amazed at how much your organization improved.

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Team Governance, Goal Setting, and Prioritization
  • Organizational Capability Assessment and Improvement


Digitalization is a fancy way of saying ‘implementing a technology that supports your process’. Implement this fancy technology system and all your problems will be solved, right? Wrong. All technology does is execute actions more quickly than a human would. In other words, a good process will run more efficiently and a bad process will break faster. That is why we start with process and process capability and then find the best technology solution that will augment your process, not detract from it. Sometimes the answer is . . . do it manually (*gasp*).

  • Business Process Capability Assessment
  • Business Process Requirements Definition
  • Enterprise System Evaluation and Selection
  • Business Analytics
  • Program and Project Management for System Implementation


This type of big sh*t deserves a category of its own because these types of projects rarely get completed on-time and within budget. Why? Usually because of two costly mistakes in planning. 

The first is insufficient planning, often a result of a rush to get started on execution. At the start of a project, planning time and cost saves multiples in execution time and cost.    Delaying the start of execution for an additional week of planning can accelerate project completion by months and save millions. The second is unrealistic planning, often a result of making ill-informed and overly optimistic assumptions about required resources and time to complete the project. Leveraging our experience from delivering hundreds of successful projects, we apply a disciplined and realistic approach to planning. We perform the resource and timeline math early on, then help leadership embrace that math from start to finish. 

  • cGMP Infrastructure Startup & Support
  • Scope, Schedule, and Budget Management
  • Process Transfer and Validation Master Plan
  • Risk-based Project Execution Planning
  • Program and Project Management: Construction turnover through Operational Start-up