New Product Introduction for a leading medical device and biotech company

Driving home a $26m project approval that had been stalled for 3 years, in 6 months

The client’s development pipeline was clogged due to unclear roles and responsibilities. They brought in One TEAM to deliver multifunctional new product development projects whilst setting up a new research team aimed at solving the problem once and for all. Within 6 months, we’d defined the team’s structure and objectives, hired 4 of the 6 roles, and received approval on a $26m project that had been stalled for over 3 years prior. 

“We would jump at the chance to utilize One Team Partners in the future for similar activities.”

The client asked for: 

  • Design and set up of a new research team, including a governance structure that made roles and responsibilities clear
  • Someone to lead on multifunctional projects while this team was being set up
  • A process structure that outlined how to screen a new idea, and how to take an idea to the product commercialization process

Step one: create awareness

When a problem is spotted, it’s human nature to skip to trying to solve it. This is not what we do at One TEAM. When the client approached us with their plan to start a new research team, we dug down into WHY. The problem was at the entry point of the development pipeline – ideas were stalling due to multiple business units working in siloed functions both functionally and geographically. They believed a new research team, with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and processes, would expedite the New Product Introduction process. Again we asked WHY; why were ideas stalling? After talking with people across a spectrum of business units it became clear that for the new research team to be successful it needed: 

  • A governance structure that had “buy-in” from multiple business units
  • Improved communication across all business units
  • A process for new ideas that fit in with existing processes throughout the organization 

Step two: build structure and establish ritual

With a clear understanding of just how we could set this new unit up for success, our experts were ready to hit the ground running. They focused on improving communication amongst employees and across functions and ensuring that processes were clear.

Over the 6-month project, One TEAM experts output: 

  • A recommended team structure that ensured the onboarding and governance process was focused and efficient
  • Clearly defined strategy and objectives for the team, including targets, roles and responsibilities matrix (i.e. RACI), and a team charter, which meant people could work autonomously and were empowered to collaborate
  • Structured team meetings and 1:1’s to ensure information was shared regularly, which meant solving problems, sharing ideas and asking questions was part of the process
  • A project plan outlining all activities – and those responsible for them – required to bring ideas to the concept phase, which meant a clear path was defined to a successful launch and ensured effective communication across the organization.
  • A finalized project proposal that gained approval from the Project Approval Committee that consisted of over 25 members, which meant the project was funded and the project activities could commence.

Thoughts from this client:

‘One Team showed adaptability and self motivation to accomplish complex tasks and projects.  They were able to accomplish a wide range of projects from setting up a governance structure to completing a large multifunctional project within a short period of time.’

Sr. Director of R&D

‘One TEAM successfully led four research projects as well as facilitated the structure of a newly formed research group.  All of this groundwork made the transition for the new Project Manager extremely smooth.  The level of organization and documentation was outstanding and accelerated the on-boarding for the replacement.  We would jump at the chance to utilize One TEAM’s in the future for similar activities.’

Biotechnology Program Manager

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