Strategy Realization for a cancer diagnostics business

Launching a product that’s ready for market expansion

This client reached out looking for support launching a new diagnostic test and prioritizing future state improvements. Through increased people engagement and collaboration, One TEAM delivered more; after launching the initial commercial product tests, they also prepared the product for expansion to new regions. Read on to learn more.

The client asked for:

  • Support with the initial product launch for a diagnostic test 
  • Help identifying and closing gaps in their end-to-end customer-facing process 
  • Guidance on how to prioritize future state improvements to the product 

Step one: create awareness

If you’ve spoken with one of our experts or looked around our website, you’ll know how big we are on digging deeper. Our first step is to figure out HOW to get our clients what they want (and often more). In this case, after building rapport across teams and learning people’s skills, concerns, and ideas, it was apparent that this organization needed to:

  • Achieve overall corporate alignment
  • Define clear priorities and prioritize efforts
  • Develop stronger communication and collaboration between different departments and teams

Step two: build structure and establish ritual

With clear objectives, and a strong understanding of where the team needed support, our experts set to work. They focused on creating solutions that built structure and ritual into people’s day to day, and facilitating and improving collaboration and productive communication across teams. 

Over the 6-month project, One TEAM experts output: 

  • A process map and gap analysis for the end-to-end process, and gap triage which allowed urgent issues to be quickly identified and addressed
  • A project reporting structure that made milestones across multiple efforts visible and action plans for on-the-ground teams clear
  • Weekly check-in meetings with the product launch team to ensure closure activities were continually driven forward
  • A portfolio management office and governance process which supports prioritization, alignment, and communication across functions
  • Templates for project plans and action items which save time and ensure that people follow the right process (long after we’ve left)
  • C-suite alignment on how to improve launch metrics which meant the entire organization knew the goal and how best to use its energy. 

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