We hear from a lot of leaders that they aren’t getting the results they’d hoped for. In the start-up and growth phase of a company, it’s especially critical that you make meaningful progress towards your goals, but it's not always clear why this isn’t happening. If this sounds familiar, take our assessment (less than 10 minutes of your time) to receive a report on your team’s performance orientation, and what this means for your business.


Based on your observations of your team’s behavior, select the closest response for each statement below. Once complete, you'll receive your team's performance and learning orientations scores and an option for a free 20-minute call to debrief with an expert from our team.

NOTE: Responses for each statement are:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Slightly disagree
  4. Neither agree nor disagree
  5. Slightly agree
  6. Agree
  7. Strongly agree