Bo N.


Have you ever met someone who’s simultaneously strong and gentle? Rena Duell has managed to accomplish this delicate balance, I believe, as a result of her commitment to survival and to helping anyone she can along the way. I honestly don’t know how she does it.

During my time with Rena, she made challenges seem less intimidating and more surmountable. She was able to adapt her delivery to my interpretive needs: bite sized pieces to be addressed one at a time in order to make the whole picture more digestible.

Of course, we don’t all interpret information the same way. In communication, which is simple engineering, really, there are three necessary components: the delivery (the transmitter), the successful receipt (the receiver), and the right language (the right frequency). Rena understands this, and I’ve personally witnessed her chameleon-like ability to change “languages” for the listener, while still speaking the English language. I’ve watched her absorb information, learn, deliberately come out of her own comfort zone for the sake of growth, and crush fear. And then, as if that weren’t enough, I’ve witnessed her transform all of that into energy that others can use to do the same.

In my humble opinion, leaders roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty; they don’t merely cast out demands while others do all the work. They realize that their team’s success is a direct reflection of their leadership.

I believe Rena could probably be the sweetest, kindest, and most unexpected drill sergeant one could ever meet. Changes will come, growth will occur, what’s necessary will be done, and you won’t even see it coming until it’s too late, and you’ve already won with her at your side.


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