Digitalization is a fancy way of saying ‘implementing a technology that supports your process’. Implement this fancy technology and all your problems will be solved, right? Wrong. All technology does is execute actions more quickly than a human would. In other words, a good process will run more efficiently and a bad process will break faster. 

One TEAM’s Digitalization consulting service starts by looking at the process you’re trying to improve and the capabilities of your team. Then, we’ll work with you to clearly articulate the requirements so that the right solution is selected. From there, we can manage whoever is implementing it so that the right result is achieved – improved efficiency through tech that’s helping people thrive. 

Specializing in:

      • Business process capability assessment
      • Business process requirements definition
      • Enterprise system evaluation and selection
      • Business analytics
      • Program and project management for system implementation

What to expect from Digitalization

Faster, more efficient processes (up to 50% faster!) and a quicker ROI on tech implementation are the obvious results. But our process also delivers:

      • A high adoption rate; we ensure the tech becomes a valued, integrated (very efficient) member of the team
      • People that are proud of, and want to sustain a new way of working
      • A clear understanding of processes and capabilities within your organization
      • Meaningful data to inform better decision making (using the data to inform the decision, not making the decision and finding data to support it) – data is great but often misused 
      • Using data to get NEW insights, answer questions, and inform better decision making instead of gathering just to gather

We also do…

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