New Product Introduction

As the old proverb goes; measure twice, cut once. All too often, businesses will rush to start a New Product Introduction (NPI) in an attempt to ensure the deadline is met. Little do they know, ineffective or rushed planning just leads to delay. Leaning on years of experience, our NPI consulting services (which include project proposals, planning, infrastructure, capital, and tech transfer projects) takes a disciplined and realistic approach to planning your investment. We take time to understand why the project is happening, then build a strategy and plan that’s realistic and that makes use of everyone’s strengths. Maybe this sounds a little boring – we know ‘disciplined planning’ isn’t sexy – but it’s how the job gets done. 

From idea to concept to development to manufacturing to launch (and everything in between), we deliver on time, within budget, and without any burnout.

Specializing in:

      • Concept phase, business case, project proposal 
      • Scope, schedule, and budget management
      • Research project management
      • cGMP infrastructure startup and support
      • Process transfer and validation master plan
      • Risk-based project execution planning
      • Program and project management: All phases from idea to concept to development to launch to sustainment and iteration

What to expect from New Product Introduction

On time and in budget are One TEAM’s baseline. In fact, we’re more interested in setting your people up for success after the project is delivered. That’s how we ensure the results we achieve are sustained long after we’ve gone. Throughout an infrastructure, capital or tech transfer project, our experts will:

      • Secure teamwide buy-in on the execution plan and alignment on the end goal
      • Ensure no one tries to rush planning 
      • Design and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions; money will only be spent where it adds value
      • Budget time and resources realistically so that no one burns out
      • Effectively communicate risks, end-goals, and status updates to project sponsors and review boards
      • Provide useful and custom templates and tools for all phases of NPI projects

We also do…

A few New Product Introduction ideas

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